Ralph (a.k.a. Flyer7747, Born2rock) was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1956 & raised
in Baltimore, Maryland... U.S.A. He began playing music at
the age of 15. He has played in numerous bands doing cover
     He began writing lyrics around the same time as he began
playing. He lived with his grandparent from age of 6 and has
been married & divorced twice. He has a 30 yr old son.
Ralph lives in Buffalo, New York.
      On the more personal note he was a Baseball and
Football athlete. He played Baseball for the Army team while
he was stationed in Germany. He also played Semi Pro
Baseball. He was good but says ""not good enough to make
it to the Majors. But that's okay. Things have a reason for the
way they happen. I wasn't bitter about it at all.
Ralph says that has worked in homeless shelters helping out the homeless people.
"I make sandwiches for some of the homeless on occasion from my home
and hand them out.

          Ralph has had a great love for music for as long as
he can remember. "If you listen close to my lyrics you will learn more about me. I
write from the experiences I have been through in my life."
He plays Piano, Guitar & Bass. He is self
taught on all instruments.

       Ralph listens to a lot of different genres of music but is very fond of Classic-Rock,
Southern Rock & Country Rock & Country. You can hear a touch of the
Southern Rock style in his voice. He likes to compose write &
sing and has done a lot of collaborations with a numerous
amount of artists that he has met from Bandamp and other music sites where he is a member. 
"This is more or less a hobby for me" he says but does spend an
awful lot of time on music. He says that he "wouldn't have it
any other way"
       On listening, his deep & genuine love of music is
evident. A modest & humble man, he says "I don't except to
sell songs or become a rock star. I do it because I love music.
I love to write & sing."
He has written in excess of 100 songs & is the first to admit that he
often plays along with them & dosen't remember how
certain parts go. This open & dry humourous outlook on life
in general reflects subtely in his music which,  is
very much for the serious listener.

Thank You

E_mail address

February 19th, 2007 + 8:02 AM  ·  FLYER7747

If anyone needs to get in contact with me ...for those of you that dont have my email address...this is one that can be used
the old one I gave to most of you is still continue to use it please


Amazing Grace

February 10th, 2012 + 4:02 PM  ·  FLYER7747

Hello Everyone!!

It has been awhile since I have posted a song. I have always wanted to record this song. I finally did. Did this all in one day. Hope it's enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for checking it out

(Summer Night's)_Saint Helena's Step's

July 20th, 2011 + 10:07 AM  ·  FLYER7747

Hope to get this recorded soon. Been having some computer issues that are preventing me from doing any recording's

This is about the Summer Night's we would stay up almost all night long listening to the radio & playing .45's (records) on the front porch steps when we were Kid's

"(Summer Night's)_Saint Helena's Step's"

Verse 1
It was the summer 68'
Baby Boomer's
coming of age
that's when our
music was great
And now the
sun is going down
another day
we beat
Baltimore's heat

Verse 2
Radio news said
Neil and Buzz
will land on the moon
listening to
Casey Kasem's
top 40 Rock

it was the best
it was the best
the best days of our life's
summer nights
summer nights
Saint Helena's Step's

La La
La La
La La La
La La
La La
La La La

it was the best
it was the best
the best days of our life's
falling asleep
playing .45's
Summer Nights

Verse 3
every night we sat
in our spot
thunder and rain
in our spot
we remained
Beautiful Queen
turns on her
Vintage Hi-Fi
to play her

La La
La La
La La La
La La
La La
La La La

it was the best
it was the best
the best days of our life's
we didn't know it then
we know it now
(Chorus continuation)
Bertha, Mary
Helen, Bob
and I
name's and song's
carved in stone
summer nights, summer night's
Saint Helena's Steps
(fade out)
La La
La la
La la la
La La
La la
La la la
La La
La la
La la la
(fade out)
Lyrics By:

You Want Thing's I Ain't Got_V2

June 14th, 2011 + 9:06 AM  ·  FLYER7747

ULI__Bass / Lead Guitar
Flyer__Rythm Guitar / Vocals / Lyrics / Composition

  I first recorded this song bout'3 year's ago. ULI & I have been working
on this collaboration for the past 2-3 days. It was a pain in the arse
trying to get the mix and the EQ'n down and we almost gave up lol.
Collaborations can be a difficult task. It takes a lot of patience. ULI
and I feel that this was the best recording we could have possibly
come up with. So we hope you enjoy the song.

Thank you, ULI, for giving up so much of your time & effort to this
collaboration. It was nice working with you. I look forward to
working with you in the future

"You Want Thing's I Ain't Got"

I give you diamond rings
and then I feel like
I've committed a sin
I keep giving you things
that I ain't got
I gave up my
Cuban Cigars
so you can drive around
in a fancy car
I keep giving you things
I have not

You want to be
a movie star
I drink from happy hour
until its last call
I give you things
but I need to stop
I cant afford to go to the beach
I cool off with
a water hose
you want things
that I just ain't got

you only know me
on payday
where the hell
is my runaway
I keep giving you things
I ain't got

Thank God for
rainy days
the phone's off the hook
But I'm not away
you want things
that I ain't got

I say things that
you want to hear
baby pass me a cold beer
I keep giving you things
that I just ain't got

I gave up my
Cuban Cigars
so you can drive around
in a fancy car
I keep giving you things
and I have not

I cant afford
to go to the beach
I cool off with a
water hose
you always want things
that I ain't got


"Can't Walk A Blind Line_V3

June 9th, 2011 + 7:06 PM  ·  FLYER7747

Sorry to keep posting this song. This is the 3rd and final cut. I panned and did some EQ'n..etc...Hope this is enjoyable to listen too..Thanks for all of the suggestion's and advice that was giving to me from fellow Amper's !!


'Can't Walk A Blind Line_V2

June 9th, 2011 + 12:06 PM  ·  FLYER7747

Flyer__Music / Composition / Lyrics / Vocals

I made a few changes to this song. I added more reverb, picked up on the vocals, lessened the guitar & cut the bass out of the song.... etc...Thanks for the suggestions, Denis, Swordy
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